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The Rifles Autumn newsletter


Recieved from Shrewsbury

Please find attached the Autumn 2012 Newsletter. If you are planning to attend the Association Dinner on Sat 6 Oct, please return your form and payment before 21 Sep 12.


Many thanks.


Rifles Office (Shrewsbury)

01743 262430



Please find attached details of the forthcoming Remembrance Parade to be held at Eden Camp on Sun 9 Sep 12 for your perusal that you and your members may find of interest.

Eden Camp 2012

 Les, would you do the honours sir and put on your website?

Kind regards

Maxine Pryce

Rifles Office (Yorkshire)

LI Reunion 2013


Recieved this from the Rifles office Shrewbury: –

The dates for the 2013 LI Reunion are 7-9 June, and will be held here in Copthorne Barracks, Shrewsbury.  Please see Lt Col Ron Bevan’s e-mail below.  Many thanks for all your support, and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at this years Reunion. 


Rifles Office (Shrewsbury)

01743 262430

Reference is my Reunion letter Dated 29 February 2012, para 27.

 Dear all, there are some very mixed messages appearing on the various social web sites on the subject of the Reunion of 2013.

It is important to stress to as many people as you can that the LI Committee have agreed that the Reunion will take place 7th to 9th June at Copthorne Barracks.

It is the intention of Lt Gen Brims to form a sub committee to carry out a study into future reunions. This study will look at all aspects and seek advice and suggestions from all Light Infantrymen including those on social networking sites. The support of all Light Infantrymen is vital to the future of the Reunion.


 R T Bevan

 Lt Col (Retd) R T Bevan

LI Reunion Coordinator

The Rifles Office


01743 262083


 Attached is the floor plan of the Royal Albert Hall and the ticketing instruction for those who may wish to attend. Members can book their tickets online see the advert below.


 Could you please publish this on your website.





 A Howarth



Rifles Secretary Yorkshire



Recieved this e mail from tim humphreys, plus other mail forwarded to tim, about Coco (Cockoran) ex soldier who does charity marathans, his latest which just finished is a coast to coast marathan, what TRUE brave ex soldier
Here is the story from ITN
Hi Les,
Coco is King. What a walk it must have been, a great marathon and effort and for a good cause. Please could you put this success and the story of Coco on Group Box. A fine cause. Cheers Les take care.





As they say around these parts, ‘what a ripper’!  Reading your report of huge success in completing this mammoth task makes me appreciate how far removed I am from the UK; not least as I sit here at the end of an autumn day in the sub-tropics in the high 20s and read of ‘snow’!

Many congratulations not only in what you have achieved physically and in terms of geography, but particularly in terms of profile for the family that is the ‘regiments’, the cause that is those who need the support, and the bonds that keep us in touch, no matter where we are in the world!

Enjoy the rest of a very well-earned Easter break, and many congratulations again!


Colonel Peter Davies ex 2LI



On 08/04/2012, at 21:12, “PAUL COCORAN”
Good Morning Sir,

I have done it!
I finished the walk yesterday at 1615hrs on a very Sunny Saturday afternoon, the day before one of my friends had offered to book me into the Pub in the village of Glaisdale a couple of doors down from his Mother’s House for my final night and we had a lovely Dinner and talked about the final leg from there to Robin Hood’s bay, he walked with me and as we began the final 18miles the Weather tried to spoil things by starting to snow but this did not last long, the Sun came out and I was able to dash along, a sight that will stick in folks memories for a very long time dressed in Pyjamas and rattling my tin as I have done for the last 13days.

Encouraged by the Tourists, day trippers and locals I found the strength to jog the last 2 miles through the village of Fylingthorpe and into the Bay itself, packed with well wishers and some of my colleagues and friends including the RAF PR Officer I dipped my boots into the North Sea and threw the stone that I had carried all the way from the West into the Sea, I went into the Bay Hotel, Wainwright’s Pub to have the traditional Pint and signed the Coast 2 Coast Book, it was quite moving for me because although I was glad to have finished, it could have gone really bad especially after day one in the Lakes when I realised the size of the challenge that I had taken on carrying everything and had to really dig deep to actually complete it.

On Friday I was crossing the Cleveland Hills and was quite literally up to my backside in snow with every step sinking 3-4 foot, I crossed Carlton bank which under normal circumstances is a clearly marked stone path but the snow would not make it that easy for me, eventually I broke out into rolling fields and got some strange looks from Cattle and Sheep as they came over to see if I was carrying food for them.

The RAF PR Officer Richard Weeks had arranged with our CO to involve a Sea King Helicopter for maximum Publicity and he rang me to make sure that I would be able to get myself to Blakey Ridge at the Lion Public House right in the middle of the Moors for a Photo/Video shoot, when I got there the Helicopter was ‘parked’ outside the Pub and ‘crew’ having dinner, well it was Good Friday and I went inside, talking and receiving donations then climbed aboard the Chopper for some extreme ironing, they opened the door and with my board firmly strapped down and me attached by safety belt I began to Iron the Regimental flag about 150 ft up to the delight of everyone who had come outside to watch, my friend walked round collecting donations and after a quick thank you the Helicopter resumed duty and I set off to Glaisdale meeting up with my friend just in time to get ready for Dinner at the Pub where I would be staying for the night.

I have had the most rewarding time along my journey and have talked to many, many folk along the way, I have a couple of days left of the Easter break to recover and there will be a Press release on Tuesday, I will have an interview from Yorkshire/ Tyne Tees TV and this will give me further opportunities to spread the word about the Rifles.


During long endurance Walks I have found that keeping focused on the leg of each journey rather than the final destination has always been best practice, I had a thought during one particular long stretch and that was ‘How far in the UK Home does the average Ironing board actually move’?

I believe the Answer is roughly 4-6 feet (Just a thought!)

Thank you for your continued support and many photographs to follow,




Looks to be a great occasion on this day



Tim Humphreys sent me this e mail from Jim Parker ex KOYLI
Subject: Coco’s epic Coast-to-Coast walk from Sunday 25 March 2012

Good evening from South Africa to all ex-Light Infantry friends in my Address Book
Forgive the intrusion and apologies for being out of the loop as a far-flung colonial, but I thought it worthwhile risking opprobrium to make sure that you were all aware of the extraordinary exploits of ex-Sjt Paul Cocoran, or Coco as we all knew him.  The Rifles may well have spread the word by now.
In brief, he sets off on Sunday to attempt the 192 mile Coast-to-Coast walk from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay, often known as the Wainwright Walk, using 10 days of his Easter leave. Those who served with Coco will remember him being the first person to complete the Rutherfoord Silver Bowl “!00 mile bash in 24 hours”, having missed the mark by a few minutes the year before.  And then you will recall his graceful but explosive performance as a Combined Services boxer or as an award-winning biathlete. You’ll also recall him being a calm and efficient soldier.
Most of us hang up our boots when we leave the services but not Coco: now a policeman at RAF Fylingdales, he has achieved a remarkable series of fund-raising feats in aid of Rifles Care for Casualties.  Last year he raised nearly GPB 5,000 on a sponsored walk along the 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall and already he has received nearly GBP 1,600 towards his personal target of GBP 5,000. 
Please go to the website I show below and give generously for a man who epitomises all that we like to think was best about Light Infantrymen:  tough, humorous, modest, with an irrepressible ‘just do it!’ spirit.  Every penny we give will go towards Rifles C4C, which needs no further explanation from me.  My bet is that he could raise GBP 10,000 if we dug deep and advertised widely.

Best wishes,
Resides in South Africa


Copied this from facebook : 3LI-3rd BATTALION THE LIGHT INFANTRY


Lt Col Ron Bevan has asked me to publish the following on his behalf:

”Dear all,

As people on the various LI Facebook sites will be aware, Bill Bearham, who acted as Reunion Facebook Representative, as Keith Bath does for the LI Reunited site, has decided to call it a day. I thank him for recruiting so many more members to attend the reunion.

It is essential that somewhere on Facebook, where so many ex Light Infantrymen are members, accurate information concerning the annual reunion is published, and that the information is based entirely on facts, which will be provided by myself or a member of the LI Committee. To this end Ron Gittings has very kindly agreed to become the official Reunion Facebook Representative and will start by putting out this email.

There is also of course the LI website, which has fairly recently been set up, and which will hopefully in the very near future have a Facebook link on the site.

I am very aware that over the past few weeks there has been some ‘aggro’ between members, which is quite upsetting when we all have family background. I know also that the inclusion of ‘The Rifles’ in the reunion title has upset a few, but The Rifles are now part of our big family. I can quote one instance of this and I’m sure there are many more: ‘A WO2 who recently retired after 22 years, the last 5 of them with The Rifles, has a son who is serving in The Rifles’. This is an example of the larger family that we now have and we must not do anything other than welcome both the WO2 and his son, when he retires, into our Association, and that does apply to all Riflemen. When, sadly, a Rifleman is killed or wounded, we ragard him as one of ‘ours’.

Friendly banter is one of our many strong points bur please do not make it personal!

See you all on the 15/16 June.