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Alan Yates KOYLI, sent me this photo of officers and RSM Colcliffe in Terendak camp, Malacca, Malaya

Capt BM Wilson, RSM Chris Colcliffe, Lt/Col HCI Rome, Maj T.A. McCathie

4 KOYLI Officers



I am a bit late in posting this event, but it went according to plan, when you look at the photo of the plaque you will see it says 2012, due to refurbishment to St Giles, it is a year late



Brig. Preston will be unveiling the Regimental Plaque in St. Giles church during the Sunday service on the 12 May 2013 at 1015 hrs. The service will have a military theme with Buglers and Riflemen in attendance. Regimental attire with medals of course. A little more information: under the Cap Badge on the Pontefract War Memorial there will be the inscription, KING’S OWN YORKSHIRE LIGHT INFANTRY. as in the distant future people may not never know what the badge represented.

Thanks Les, would be great to have as many member as possible informed

Tim Humphreys



Brigadier Preston unveiling the KOYLI plaque, assisted by Gareth Mitchell


Gareth Mitchell (left)   Pete Bate (right)  very smart as usual


What a great plaque, really good, the history of the KOYLI


A KOYLI plaque placed on the war Memorial, below the KOYLI crest, Pontefract, West Yorkshire 


Front Row: L/R Chris Usher, Sid Hargreaves, Bgr Pete Bate, Colin Ward, Dave Wroe
Back row:  Terry Geary,  Harry Newton, Geordie Anderson, Jim Smith


On left Phil Johnson, secretary of the KOYLI Assn, Leeds branch, on right Alan Whitehead, member of the KOYLI Leeds Branch