Please see the e-mail below from Robin Brimms. Could you place on the web site to let old 2LI hands know.


A Howarth



Rifles Secretary Yorkshire


From:Robin Brims Sent: 02 July 2012 17:40
Subject: FW: Funeral of Alan Homer

I thought that you would wish to know that Alan Homer has died. He was 2LI Padre in Colchester, Belfast 73, and Lemgo. I had been in touch with him over the last 10 years or so and been to see him quite regularly. He was suffering from Parkinsons and this had become quite incapacitating over the last year. But his mind and humour remainder as strong as ever. He had a very vivid memory of 2LI and all that we did: it was an honest but kind memory! I shall try to attend his funeral and give Jean our support. Please pass this on to anyone you have on email who you think would like to know. Best wishes,