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Percy Potts ex KOYLI came on the forum today, telling us about being in hospital after the discovery of an Abdominal aortic aneurysm (aaa)

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Here is Percy with his son

Hello everyone. I just got out of Hospital after undergoing major surgery. I was in there 10 days, 5 of which were in the High Dependency Unit.

It came about a month ago when I had to have an MRI Scan for my back problems. They picked up a thing called an ABDOMINAL AORTIC ANUERISM (AAA).

The Aorta goes from the ticker down into the abdomen and branches into both legs. There are no warning signs for the AAA, it could be there for years without any sign. The problem arises when the thing bursts, then it’s 50% mortality rate even if you happen to be sitting in a hospital waiting room at the time.

The anuerism becomes critical if it is over 5cm. Mine was nearly 6cm. Smaller ones are suitable for keyhole surgery and fitting of a stent or two, not so in my case, I am the possessor of a 14 inch scar from pubes to sternum. It’s a serious operation with a complication level 4 times that of a heart bypass.
The recovery period is 3 to 6 months depending on fitness level.

I beleive the NHS have just started a screening programme for people over 63, so most of you old gits fall into that category.
Get yourselves down to the Doctors and arrange to be screened, it’s free !

Although I’m feeling as though the Grenadier Guards have just marched over me, if the bloody thing had burst I doubt that I would have seen my 3 score years and 10 !

It’s easy to disregard things like this, but please think about getting screened.
Very Sore

But still here