Tim Humphreys sent me this e mail from Jim Parker ex KOYLI
Subject: Coco’s epic Coast-to-Coast walk from Sunday 25 March 2012

Good evening from South Africa to all ex-Light Infantry friends in my Address Book
Forgive the intrusion and apologies for being out of the loop as a far-flung colonial, but I thought it worthwhile risking opprobrium to make sure that you were all aware of the extraordinary exploits of ex-Sjt Paul Cocoran, or Coco as we all knew him.  The Rifles may well have spread the word by now.
In brief, he sets off on Sunday to attempt the 192 mile Coast-to-Coast walk from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay, often known as the Wainwright Walk, using 10 days of his Easter leave. Those who served with Coco will remember him being the first person to complete the Rutherfoord Silver Bowl “!00 mile bash in 24 hours”, having missed the mark by a few minutes the year before.  And then you will recall his graceful but explosive performance as a Combined Services boxer or as an award-winning biathlete. You’ll also recall him being a calm and efficient soldier.
Most of us hang up our boots when we leave the services but not Coco: now a policeman at RAF Fylingdales, he has achieved a remarkable series of fund-raising feats in aid of Rifles Care for Casualties.  Last year he raised nearly GPB 5,000 on a sponsored walk along the 84 miles of Hadrian’s Wall and already he has received nearly GBP 1,600 towards his personal target of GBP 5,000. 
Please go to the website I show below and give generously for a man who epitomises all that we like to think was best about Light Infantrymen:  tough, humorous, modest, with an irrepressible ‘just do it!’ spirit.  Every penny we give will go towards Rifles C4C, which needs no further explanation from me.  My bet is that he could raise GBP 10,000 if we dug deep and advertised widely.

Best wishes,
Resides in South Africa