Copied this from facebook : 3LI-3rd BATTALION THE LIGHT INFANTRY


Lt Col Ron Bevan has asked me to publish the following on his behalf:

”Dear all,

As people on the various LI Facebook sites will be aware, Bill Bearham, who acted as Reunion Facebook Representative, as Keith Bath does for the LI Reunited site, has decided to call it a day. I thank him for recruiting so many more members to attend the reunion.

It is essential that somewhere on Facebook, where so many ex Light Infantrymen are members, accurate information concerning the annual reunion is published, and that the information is based entirely on facts, which will be provided by myself or a member of the LI Committee. To this end Ron Gittings has very kindly agreed to become the official Reunion Facebook Representative and will start by putting out this email.

There is also of course the LI website, which has fairly recently been set up, and which will hopefully in the very near future have a Facebook link on the site.

I am very aware that over the past few weeks there has been some ‘aggro’ between members, which is quite upsetting when we all have family background. I know also that the inclusion of ‘The Rifles’ in the reunion title has upset a few, but The Rifles are now part of our big family. I can quote one instance of this and I’m sure there are many more: ‘A WO2 who recently retired after 22 years, the last 5 of them with The Rifles, has a son who is serving in The Rifles’. This is an example of the larger family that we now have and we must not do anything other than welcome both the WO2 and his son, when he retires, into our Association, and that does apply to all Riflemen. When, sadly, a Rifleman is killed or wounded, we ragard him as one of ‘ours’.

Friendly banter is one of our many strong points bur please do not make it personal!

See you all on the 15/16 June.