The Rifles trace their values and heritage back to the Peninsular War and the time portrayed in the TV series Sharpe.  Then, as today, independence of thought and action were prized amongst the specialist soldiers equipped with rifles who were known as Riflemen. Scroll down for introductory video about The Rifles…

We formed in 2007 from The Devon & Dorset Light Infantry, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire Wiltshire Light Infantry, The Light Infantry and The Royal Green Jackets. 

With five Regular and two TA battalions, The Rifles offer unique, full time (Regular) and spare time (Reservist ) opportunities to acquire skills and to experience a wide range of adventures. If you want respect, independence, friends for life, to learn new skills, excitement and success in later life, we can offer it. 

If you are interested in joining  as a Rifleman, we will prepare you for this adventure with a thorough training package which will help you to make the best of yourself and teach you to meet the challenges of today’s Infantry.


We have the widest range of roles of any infantry regiment and, uniquely, we have a battalion in the Commando Role with 3 Commando Brigade. Other battalions offer armoured infantry in Warrior AFVs, Light Role for jungle and mountain operations and Mechanised in Bulldog AFVs.

Our wide range of roles requires the modern-day Rifleman to master many skills including:  Sniper, Mortar Man, Medic, Anti Tank Guided Weapons Specialist, Driver including HGV and Tracked, Radio Operator, IT Specialist, Combat Engineer, plus a range of people skills and experience transferrable to a successful career later in civilian life.


The Rifles are often on operations and training deployments worldwide including The Falklands, South Georgia, Kosovo, Belize, Iraq and Afghanistan. There are plenty of opportunities for sport and expeditions and in the last 18 months Riflemen have climbed in the Himalayas, skied in the Alps and boxed at National level.